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Beatrice Ann

Beatrice, aka Trixie, was dropped off at a shelter with her 5 puppies. The puppies were adopted quickly and Trixie, being a black adult dog, was not. She did not understand the reason she was in a kennel and her puppies were leaving. I adopted her in 2007 and have spent the last three years in complete shock that anyone would give up this dog. She is so well behaved. Trixie moved into my home and did not have one “accident” during the transition. She stays in the yard with no fence and always comes when called. She is great with my other dogs. I sleep with her every night and she does not make a peep. She gets up at whatever time I get up in the morning. I can leave her with food and she never touches it. Trixie is great in the car and loves the dog park. She swims like a fish. Everytime I think about the person that dropped her off, I wonder, what more did they want? What more could they want?

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