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My Two "Recycled" Dogs

Within a one year period, my husband and I adopted two Great Dane mixes that have become our babies. These guys have had numerous homes that tryed to adopt them without giving them the chance to adapt to a new home. It took a few weeks for our adopted doggies to adapt and feel compfortable with their new family. Now that they know they are finally HOME, they are so thankful, loving, obediant, LOYAL, and so sweet :O)
Some people who adopt animals expect for their new pet to be anxiety free and ready to settle into a brand new environment. What they dont realize is that these sweet babies need lots of love, patients and acceptance to be able to feel at ease in this new environment.
If you are concidering to adopt a pet, understand that these animals need to feel accepted and very loved. They will make a few mistakes but with a gentle correction and a loving heart, your new adopted baby will feel less anxiety and start to feel at home in no time.
In reality, no one wants to feel gave up on. Not even an animal. My two Danes still have axiety when it comes to us leaving them in fear that we wont come back. Can you imagine the fear of starting over and over with family after family because it “just didnt work out”
If i can give a new adopted family any advice its that “recycled” dogs, once given the chance are the best gift anyone can ask for. My two babies are the sweetest dogs and when it comes time for another family pet, we are going to adopt again.

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