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In Honor of Veterans Day: A Salute to Pets for Patriots

Today is the 56th celebration of Veteran’s Day. A day the United States has declared as a federal holiday to honor all of military veterans. It’s a day we celebrate with parades and ceremonies to show our appreciation to all of the brave men and women who have put themselves in harms way to preserve our freedom and protect our great country.

In addition to our veterans, we would like to honor a special organization dedicated to increasing adult shelter pet adoption and, in so doing, demonstrating their gratitude to members of the military community. Pets for Patriots is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the following mission:

  • To facilitate hard-to-place shelter animal adoptions by military personnel, working with our network of member shelters, veterinarians and other pet care providers
  • To improve the well-being of service personnel through companion pet adoption, a humane way of easing the stresses of military transitions as service members return from deployment, re-enter civilian life or retire
  • To foster education and awareness of the causes, conditions and numbers of animals relinquished to shelters each year in the United States, enjoining individuals around the country to our cause
  • To educate the military community and the public about the numerous benefits of adult shelter pet adoption

Pets for Patriots supports patriot member adoptions and helps ease the cost of pet ownership for their members by offering reduced veterinary fees and cost reductions for pet basics, such as food, toys and essential supplies. Eligible service members and veterans can take advantage of the services provided by Pets for Patriots by becoming a member patriot and adopting an adult pet from a member shelter or rescue.

Shelters and rescues can support this cause by signing up as a member and per the Pets for Patriots website, gain the following benefits to your organization:

  • Increased and accelerated adoption of adult pets and large dogs, and other hard-to-adopt dogs and cats
  • Reduction in pet ‘recycling;’ we connect adopters with reduced cost care to ease the costs associated with pet ownership, including minimum 10% reduction in veterinary care for the life of the adopted dog or cat
  • Community recognition for aligning with a cause that supports both hard-to-place animals and our troops
  • Promotion of your shelter as one of our community partners, including a free profile of your shelter on our website; we’ll do it all for you
  • Free Pets for Patriot widget for your homepage
  • Pre-written press release for your use
  • Educational materials about the benefits of adult pet adoption
  • Full authority and responsibility for pairing pet and person remains with you, including your customary evaluation of the potential adopter to ensure that the animal is placed in an appropriate home

Again, we honor our veteran’s for their bravery, courage, service and sacrifice for our county on this Veteran’s Day and every day. And to Pets for Patriots, our hats off to you for providing another vehicle for recycling dogs.

God Bless America.

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