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8 New Year’s Resolutions To Help Dog Rescues

To answer a question that we are asked fairly often: “How can I help rescue dogs and shelters?”; we have put together a list of eight New Year’s Resolutions to spark some ideas for this upcoming new year.

  1. Find a home for at least one rescue or shelter dog this year. Talk to friends, coworkers, and church members about a dog in need. Many times someone is looking and finding a great home is easier than you think!
  2. Volunteer at least 3-5 hours at a local rescue, shelter or pet food pantry. From adoption events to kennel cleaning, volunteer hours are a necessity in dog rescue.
  3. Post a dog looking for a home on Facebook or Twitter at least once this year. is setup with sharing services directly from their website. Just find a local pooch and post about him!
  4. Donate food or supplies to at least one shelter, rescue or pet food pantry this year. Many of these organizations publish wish lists on their websites for desired items and are in great need of donated items.
  5. Contact your state representatives to propose legislation, or voice your concern over lack of legislation to help animals in need. Many times, you may find existing legislation in the works that you may be able to get involved with.
  6. Organize a fundraiser to collect funds or supplies for support a local rescue, shelter or pet pantry this year. Pet food drives at schools or churches are a great way to collect pet supplies and spread the word about rescues and shelters.
  7. Offer to transport an animal in need. Rescues and shelters often move animals between cities and often between states and require volunteer transport drivers to accomplish these moves.
  8. Foster a dog for a day or two. Many foster based rescues only need short term housing for the animals they save – plus it is super rewarding to know that you assisted an animal even for a short time.

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