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Rescue Persuasion – A 6th Grade Perspective

The author of this post is a sixth-grade elementary school student at Palmer Lake Elementary School in Palmer Lake, CO. She and her classmates were tasked with writing a persuasion paper. A girl after my own heart, Erin chose to write her paper about animal rescue. Erin has also offered her time as a volunteer with Colorado Animal Welfare League and we hope she will join us at an adoption event in the near future.

Congratulations to Erin for writing such an effectual and compelling paper and for understanding where her passion lies so early in her life. We hope her comments may spark enthusiasm for rescue with other young readers.

Animal Lovers:

There are thousands of neglected, abused pets that are let out onto the street or brought to an animal shelter each year by owners who can no longer or refuse to take care of their pets.  The U.S. Economy and various puppy mills are over stuffing shelters, forcing animals to die every day to make room for other abandoned or abused pets.  With everyone’s help and cooperation, imagine how many innocent animal lives we could save overall.  I believe more people should support animal shelters by donating supplies, time, and money they have available.

At animal shelters across the U.S., big and small, volunteers are an essential element of getting by with the animals’ simplest needs.  Many people don’t volunteer, believing they won’t be able to help, but one person can actually make a substantial difference, let alone a few working together.  Rehoming an animal quickly becomes a time consuming activity that requires significant volunteer labor, even if it doesn’t appear that way.  Volunteering is a great way to help shelters for those people who love working with animals.

If people don’t have spare time to donate, there are certainly other available options to help the abandoned animals, such as contributing towards their well-being with any amount of money.  Most shelters have been reduced to operating off of adoption fees and small donations, which forces them into a financial crisis.  Your donations may unfortunately go towards full time employees’ salaries, but if people are careful and do the proper research, the money will wind up going towards the creatures you had in mind.  Many well known shelters receive large donor support, while small shelters working equally as hard have no funding, and are therefore depending on your support.

Knowing that one person can make a substantial difference alone, think about how much a group of people could manage to assist shelters if they united in an event like a fundraiser.  Fund-raisers can collect supplies and money, but most importantly raise awareness and interest.  These feed to all of the shelter’s needs, helping them run smoothly.  Things like medicine can be bought with the money, so dogs can have the chance to be treated properly if they are ill.  Donations help the shelters with transportation, medical needs, and food.  People may think the shelters will misuse raised money, but you can donate supplies too. Donations are not limited to money.  The animal shelters will be grateful for anything and everything you manage to provide them with.

If anyone wishes they had a pet at their home, but don’t think they’re ready to make a lifetime commitment, there is an opportunity at various shelters for them to foster an animal.  Foster dogs are dogs that people take in from shelters for a limited time while they search for a loving, permanent household to stay at for the rest of their lives.  People get the idea that this is a waste of time and money, but fostering could wind up saving a dog from being euthanized.  Fostering helps the shelters by making more space for other dogs, which results in less animals being euthanized.

Numerous people think that shelters are a pointless waste of resources.  This is not true.  The animals need food, water, and shelter just as much as we, people, do.  Animals have just as many feelings as people do, and deserve to be treated with respect.

If people have extra time and money available, they could donate it to the millions of animals who arrive at shelters each year.  If people have available time money, and supplies, I believe they should donate it to love-seeking animals.  Animal lovers need to start showing the love they claim they have of the neglected animals.  Any contributions anyone can make will help those animals longing for the slightest feeling of love they’ve never had a chance to come in contact with.

Erin Tirpak, Palmer Lake Elementary School

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