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Mango adopted us – to put things in perspective.

Mango was found climbing a tree in central Nebraska trying to follow a squirrel. He made his way to Colorado through various rescuers and transports. At one point, he was adopted to another family but they returned him for behavioral reasons.

I found Mango at an adoption event where I was volunteering. He had a makeshift roof on his kennel because his kennel card said he was a fence jumper. With his striking golden eyes, many comments were also made that he looked a bit scary – even a bit feral.

With only a few dogs left at the three-day event, Mango and I became fast friends. Feeling very bad for such a sweet dog, I offered him a temporary foster home until the next adoption event a week later.

He found a home for a few days but was returned a second time for wandering off with the family’s rescued pitbull. We picked him up again and brought him home for good.

Mango and our rescued lab Guinness are the best of friends now and either would be heartbroken with another separation. Mango no longer jumps fences and apparently just needed a steady home with people that offered him attention and love. Although he wrangled his way into our home, we now love our sad-sack, shepherd mix, reformed jumper. Welcome home Mango.

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