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The Stark Reality About Puppies For Sale

Every Monday Ambato, Ecuador hosts the largest open-air market in Ecuador. At the end of every Monday’s market, 120-170 puppies and kittens that didn’t sell at the market are discarded like trash.

This is the reality of selling puppies in third world countries, these animals have no value to the merchant if they don’t bring in any profit, they are simply a discardable commodity – but what about puppies for sale in a country like the United States? Do large scale breeders and puppy selling pet stores actually care about the welfare of the lives they are selling or are these puppies simply used as a means to a dollar?

According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), puppy mills and puppy selling pet stores have been around for decades.  HSUS believes that they “continue to thrive because they prey on unwitting consumers who are smitten by too-cute-for-words puppies in pet store windows and on legitimate-seeming websites.” They reality is that puppy mills dogs are housed in shockingly poor conditions and many puppy selling pet stores offer similarly poor living conditions with very little veterinary care.

While you may find a few stand-out puppy selling pet stores with more concern about the welfare of the dogs they are selling, the bottom line is that they are selling these dogs as a commodity to make money. If you aren’t being asked about the home you are taking the puppy to, how you intend to care for this puppy, and how much time you have available for this puppy – you can be certain the seller has no interest in the welfare of the dog once it leaves the premises.

What the consumer also doesn’t understand is that their purchase of this seemingly adorable puppy from the pet store window propagates the problem.  If the ability to make money off of the sale of domesticated animals was no longer palpable, these breeders and stores would be looking for a more lucrative business.

Every puppy purchased from a mill breeder or a pet store takes a home away from an existing dog in a shelter or rescue. Hundreds of thousands of quality dogs (pure-bred and mixed breed, puppies and adults) are euthanized yearly simply because someone would no longer care for them.

If you are only looking for a pure-bred dog, or a specific breed – please visit a local breed specific rescue first – they do take in puppies fairly regularly. If you can not find what you are looking for in shelters or rescue, then visit a reputable breeder for your breed. A quality, reputable breeder is concerned about the constant improvement of their breed, the typical temperament and good health of their puppies, and will be there to help and guide you with your new dog. They will always let you visit their premises upon request and will ask you about your home situation to ensure their puppy will be acceptably cared for – for life.

Please consider a Recycled Dog first – and to stop this cycle of essentially accepting the inhumane treatment of mill dogs, please never buy from a breeding mill or pet store. Thanks for recycling!

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