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My Dog Angel

Hi! My name is Jan. On May 5, 2010, I adopted a two-year-old poodle/terrier mix from our local shelter, Animal Allies. I named her Angel. She came from another shelter as a stray, had been abused, was very skinny, and she was extremely shy and afraid of everyone. I fell in love with her immediately. Within weeks, with lots of love, patience, and socializing with other tenants and pets, she was a totally different dog. I live alone and have MS, and she was perfect for me. We would take care of each other. We live in a high-rise building on Lake Superior with other seniors and/or disabled tenants. Fatigue and pain are my worst symptoms and, on my bad days if I’m up trying to do things around the apartment, she’ll go on my bed and whine until I go and lay down. She then lies down right beside me.

Ever since I got her, she’s been an absolutely wonderful dog. She seems to be grateful for everything and anything I do for her, even bringing me her favorite toy or treat when I’m feeling bad. She is now the happiest and most popular dog in the building, she’s my little soul mate, and she loves everybody!! She’s such a good dog, never misbehaves, never snaps or barks at anyone, and she has to go and give kisses to everyone she sees in the building. We go for a run every day when the weather permits, and I love her more than anyone could imagine. We especially love playing in the snow, which we get lots of here in Minnesota!

I want to share a small miracle. At 1:30 a.m. on the night of September 21, 2011, Angel became restless and woke me up. I rarely go out late at night, as Angel will also go potty on a puppy pad in addition to going outside. On this night, because of her behavior, I decided to go ahead and take her out since she was whining and seemed anxious. I got dressed and took her out. I have to take her around to the parking lot side of our building back by our garage. Since she stays by me either on or off the leash and, since she was pulling me as hard as she could and whining, I figured she had to really go, so I just unhooked her leash. Instead of going back to the grass, she ran into the parking lot and went between two vehicles. When I got there, I found Angel sitting next to one of our tenants who was on the ground lying in a fetal position, his walker nearby. When I got down to ask what happened, he could only say he fell and wasn’t fully conscious. He only had on shorts and a light jacket although it was 38 degrees! He couldn’t move and said he recently had surgery on both knees and was in a lot of pain. I feared he may also have broken something. After calling 911, I asked him how long he had been lying on the cold pavement, and he said “about an hour, I think.”

I got my knees under his head to get it off the ground and tried to cover him with my body to keep him warm, he was freezing!! We stayed like that with Angel right by him until the police and ambulance got there. He was quickly transferred to the gurney, bundled in warm blankets, and was on the way to the hospital. When I told them Angel’s name, they said it was definitely the perfect name for her. I have no idea how she knew; we’re on the 11th floor facing the lake, windows closed, and with a small fan running. I had taken my coat off and had it on the man’s legs, so I was really cold and went back inside as soon as they had him safely in the ambulance. When we got back inside, I realized Angel never went potty outside and then realized she had urinated on her puppy pad already, prior to us going out! The police and paramedics all said she certainly deserved a treat, and she got her favorite Puperoni and lots of hugs, kisses, and praise from me! The next day, I called the hospital and talked to the tenant whose name is Wayne. He told me he had suffered a severe heart attack and had no idea why he had been outside by his van at that hour! I went to see him at the hospital since another tenant found his glasses the next day, and I also took him a picture of Angel. He kept thanking me, and I told him it was God and Angel he should thank.

For whatever reason, Angel knew this man was in trouble and was determined to get me up and outside. I’ve always felt that shelter animals are special animals, and I’m blessed to have found my Angel.

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