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Recycled Dog Launches the Million Dog Memorial

We wanted to kick off this week of being most thankful with a bang by announcing the OFFICIAL launch of the Million Dog Memorial!  The Million Dog Memorial was created to honor our lost companions while raising awareness for shelter and rescue animals. A percentage of the profits from this memorial will be donated to animal welfare groups to assist in the care and placement of the animals in their programs while the rest will be used to support our education and advocacy programs.

The memorial is limited to the first one million dogs placed on the grid – after that the grid will be locked and unchangeable as a fixed tribute to these beloved pets.

We will support local animal welfare programs through donations made possible by this program based on the distribution of memorials by area. The more memorials from a given area means more donations to your local organizations!

The Million Dog Memorial will be closed when have memorialized one million cherished best friends.  Please create a dog memorial now and be a part of something uncommon that not only celebrates your best friends but also helps to find homes for the thousands of animals currently without the love of a family and place to call home.

Be sure to share the news with your friends and families so your local organizations can receive a portion of the donations!

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