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Discovering the Dog-Friendly Jersey Shore

Boone All dog owners have to face the same guilt-inducing obstacle when they leave their home for work or play. It is the heart-melting, sad-eyed face of their loving canine companion watching them leave him or her behind. It’s enough to make a person want to call out sick and cancel all social pursuits. The one I face belongs to a chestnut colored Beagle-Chow Chow mix named Boone, and it is a sullen faced look to be reckoned with. So I look forward to the warmer time of year when outdoor activities are abundant and pet friendly. Being a resident of Southern New Jersey, my location of choice is the Jersey Shore.

In the Atlantic City and Somers Point areas of Atlantic County, New Jersey, there is a selection of dog friendly locations just a short distance from each other that can accommodate a traveling canine and its person for a full day of seaside revelry. All dog lovers need do is pack theirs and their furry travel companion’s essentials in a tote bag and head on down the Atlantic City Expressway towards the beach.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing a dog friendly beach knows that they are places to be sought out and cherished! Watching the pups frolic in the sand and shallow water is quite the joyful sight. Unfortunately, they are not easy to come by, unless you like going to the beach during the winter. In Somers Point, however, there lies a well hidden gem called Longport Dog Beach, located at the base of the Ocean City Bridge. The beach is free to use from sunrise to sunset and dogs are permitted off the leash. Visitors are of course responsible for bringing their own water and waste disposal items, but the fun is provided by the sand, the surf and the company of other friendly dogs out for a nice day at the beach.

When beach time is over and everyone’s appetites have been sparked from a day of play, there are a couple nearby restaurants with ample outside seating where well behaved dogs are welcomed. There is the Tun Tavern in Atlantic City and the Macedonian Grill in Brigantine. Both are just a short car ride from the dog beach. At the Tun Tavern’s casual setting, the menu items of choice are burgers and microbrews, and at Macedonian grill you can help yourself to breakfast, lunch or dinner items. If you forgot to bring extra water for your pooch, they will gladly accommodate him or her as well.

For anyone that is farther than a short transit from Atlantic County, there are also comfortable accommodations for pet and human right in Somers Point. The Residence Inn Marriott Atlantic City in Somers Point, has a reputation for happily welcoming pets to stay. The hotel’s Pet Policy is all pets allowed with a non-refundable $100.00 sanitation fee. It’s a convenient option for dog and dog lover not wishing to travel after a long day of dog-friendly fun at the Jersey Shore.

Margo Smith writes for Promotions Now, a company that specializes in customized promotional products for pets and other industries, as well as the Promotions Now Blog.

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