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The 5 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

four puppies Husky They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s certainly true for dog lovers. Even the most non-descript of canines can be beautiful in the eyes of an owner who sees its inner beauty.

Tastes in dog breeds are variable. To some people, the pushed-in face of a pug or bulldog is the definition of dog perfection. To others, the pointed ears and noble face of a German shepherd are more beautiful.

While there’s no doubt that dog beauty is a subjective issue, there are certain dog breeds that most people agree are pleasing to the eye. Here are five of the most beautiful dog breeds.

The Siberian Husky

This thick-coated dog, built to withstand the cold, is almost wolf-like in appearance with his masked facial markings. These hardy dogs originated from Siberia and were first introduced to Alaska as sled dogs. This energetic dog breed quickly took on the role of family pet.

One of their most distinctive features is their eyes which can vary in color from brown to a very pale blue. Some huskies have eyes of different colors, one brown and one blue. Combined with their wolf-like facial markings, huskies are universally striking in appearance. They closely resemble their larger cousins, the Alaskan malamute, another hardy dog built to withstand cold weather.

Golden Retriever

Is it their soft, golden fur or their kind, loving expression that makes them so attractive to people? Even if they weren’t pleasing to look at, their loyalty and desire to please would win a dog lover over. Gentle with children, loyal, and intelligent, it’s not surprising this “golden” breed is one of America’s most popular and well loved.

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees, originally bred as a watchdog, is another dog that stands out for its uncommon beauty. Similar in appearance to a large Golden retriever, this mostly white, long-haired dog has a commanding, dignified presence that commands attention every time it walks down the street.

Be aware this oversized dog requires some upkeep to maintain its striking appearance. A Great Pyrenees requires lots of brushing and grooming to keep its snowy white coat clean and tangle-free, but the effort is worth it. When properly groomed, the Great Pyrenees is all elegance.

German Shepherd

The beauty of this noble dog breed speaks for itself. Shepherds come with a variety of colors and markings but their large, erect ears and intelligent eyes give them an unmatched facial beauty, just as their long, lean bodies anoint them with them unparalleled power and grace. Combine this with brawn and intelligence and you have the makings of a champion. Noble, loyal, and protective, it’s not surprising this breed has functioned as a working dog and devoted family pet through the ages.


Small dogs can be beautiful too, and the Pomeranian epitomizes the elegant beauty a smaller breed can offer. This toy dog is blessed with a soft, fluffy coat and delicate facial features that resemble those of a Teddy bear. An intelligent breed, Pomeranians interact closely with humans and love being pampered and coddled. Although small, this breed carries himself with a dignity that belies its size.

Was your favorite dog on this list? When you get down to it, there’s beauty in every dog from purebreds to mixed breeds.

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