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Are Pet Subscription Boxes a Good Value?

Pet Subscription Boxes

How Do Pet Subscription Boxes Work?

Think about the amount of time and money you spend heading to the pet supplies store every month. And yes, you have to include the time you spend standing in the toy aisle, trying to find a new toy that your dog will like and that he hasn’t already shredded? It adds up, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great to save all that time and effort (and some money as well) by having all those goodies land magically at your doorstep?

That’s what pet subscription boxes do. When you subscribe, you choose a specific type of box, typically based on your pet’s size, and a box of goodies, including treats and toys, lands on at your front door each month.

Are They Worth It?

An unequivocal yes. Once you add up the price of each individual item, you’re already in the plus column when you order subscription boxes. Now add in the time (and gas money) you save by not adding one more errand to your list, and you’re deeply in the black when you order a pet subscription box.

So which boxes should you be looking at? Good question. Here are three of the most popular boxes.

Pet Subscription Boxes Worth Considering


BarkBox definitely wins the prize for charm, since every month’s box is themed — Recent themes include sci-fi/space and Alice in Wonderland, and the wittiness of the themed content makes us laugh every time. This BarkBox review was for Chewrassic Bark. Boxes are based on your dog’s size, and they contain four to six healthy treats (no wheat) and really clever toys. You save $4 to $10 a month with this box, which always makes dogs happy.


LootPets carries the theme concept even further by sending out only geeky boxes, so they’re ideal if you want to give your furry friend spaceship or TMNT toys. Each box includes just one bag of treats, plus a couple of toys and, lately, a wearable — so if you like tying superhero capes on your dog, this box is for you. LootPets claims the value of the box is $50 — while you’re definitely saving money over buying items separately, the value seems more like $30-$35.

Rescue Box

The bonus with Rescue Box is that every purchase helps feed and vaccinate pets in animal shelters. In the large dog box, you get 2 or 3 toys and a couple of different treats, often treats that are hard to find at local pet stores. This box is a good value, and the price (and size) of the box is keyed to the size of your dog.

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