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Are Pet Subscription Boxes a Good Value?

Pet Subscription Boxes

How Do Pet Subscription Boxes Work?

Think about the amount of time and money you spend heading to the pet supplies store every month. And yes, you have to include the time you spend standing in the toy aisle, trying to find a new toy that your dog will like and that he hasn’t [More…]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Are Thinking of Getting a Puppy for Christmas

Christmas Puppy

It’s Christmas season again. The time of year when so many families consider putting a puppy under the tree as a surprise. Dogs can be a wonderful addition to your life, but they come with an enormous amount of responsibility. When considering a puppy, this responsibility is greatly magnified. Far too many dogs are [More…]

Five Big Dogs That Don’t Need Much Exercise

Making the commitment to become a dog owner often comes with several strings attached that many new owners might not consider. In addition to all of the feeding and the medical care, you are also volunteering your services as an exercise companion to the dog that you are thinking about getting. Regardless of breed, [More…]

Three Surefire Ways to Discourage Your Dog From Chewing


Dogs believe that their teeth are designed for chewing everything, while their owners wish they would stick to bones and the occasional stick. To a dog, teeth are a tool that can be used indiscriminately on furniture and fur alike. In the fight to prevent chewing, there are several excellent weapons in [More…]

Learn From the Puppy Potty Training Mistakes of Other Pet Parents

If you love the idea of raising a puppy, you may need to develop a sense of humor about puddles indoors for a while. Housebreaking a puppy is never easy. Nevertheless, many pet parents make it harder on themselves and their pets than they need to. If you find the going rough getting your [More…]