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7 Things to Try Before Surrendering Your Dog

The dreaded “It’s not working out” phone call. It happens in rescue more than most people would believe. A good rescue, as well as a good breeder, will always take their dog back – but the ability to return a misbehaving dog, may just be the impetus of the problem.

Faced with the option [More…]

Recycled Dog Launches the Million Dog Memorial

We wanted to kick off this week of being most thankful with a bang by announcing the OFFICIAL launch of the Million Dog Memorial! The Million Dog Memorial was created to honor our lost companions while raising awareness for shelter and rescue animals. A percentage of the profits from this memorial will be donated [More…]

Rescuing a Purebred Puppy

A few weeks ago we received an exciting call into the rescue from an associate. Our associate works as a trainer at one of the large pet supply stores and regularly interacts with our rescue group. She had received a frantic call that morning from a woman looking to find a rescue group to [More…]

Should We Turn Our Backs on Animals in the Wake of a Natural Disaster?

Sophie's Recovery

It’s amazing how, in the wake of a natural disaster, people have the knack of imposing their personal agenda on everyone else with the intention of appearing let’s call it more “humanitarian”. When in reality the actions of a true humanitarian would in truth call for kindness, benevolence and impartiality for all humans. Let’s [More…]