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Mango adopted us – to put things in perspective.

Mango was found climbing a tree in central Nebraska trying to follow a squirrel. He made his way to Colorado through various rescuers and transports. At one point, he was adopted to another family but they returned him for behavioral reasons.

I found Mango at an [More…]


Maverick is a sweet 4 month old Golden Retriever that had been shuttled around to several houses before we were lucky enough to be introduced to him. We rescued him from a foster home. He is a great friend and clearly loves to keep our yard clear of sticks!


Guinness the Recycled Dog

We have had Guinness for about 3 weeks now. She is a 4.5 month old black lab. Originally we had intended to find an older dog to rescue because we remember puppy stage being very painful from our previous dog. We remembered correctly! She is a pain but we love her. We know we were [More…]