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My Two "Recycled" Dogs

Within a one year period, my husband and I adopted two Great Dane mixes that have become our babies. These guys have had numerous homes that tryed to adopt them without giving them the chance to adapt to a new home. It took a few weeks for our adopted doggies to adapt and feel compfortable [More…]

Beatrice Ann

Beatrice, aka Trixie, was dropped off at a shelter with her 5 puppies. The puppies were adopted quickly and Trixie, being a black adult dog, was not. She did not understand the reason she was in a kennel and her puppies were leaving. I adopted her in 2007 and have spent the last three years [More…]


Cujo is a two and a half year old rescue puppy (who was named by his dad). He had a rough time with some people before who did not treat him very nicely so he is still afraid of strangers, but he loves his mom and dad and a few other people who have been [More…]


Grace is a pitbull mix and is about the sweetest puppy you will ever meet. She is very shy but has gotten a lot better since her rescued brother came to live with her and bring her out of her shell. Grace enjoys relaxing on the couch and napping in sunbeams. She is also an [More…]