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Recycled Dog Launches the Million Dog Memorial

We wanted to kick off this week of being most thankful with a bang by announcing the OFFICIAL launch of the Million Dog Memorial! The Million Dog Memorial was created to honor our lost companions while raising awareness for shelter and rescue animals. A percentage of the profits from this memorial will be donated [More…]

Rescuing a Purebred Puppy

A few weeks ago we received an exciting call into the rescue from an associate. Our associate works as a trainer at one of the large pet supply stores and regularly interacts with our rescue group. She had received a frantic call that morning from a woman looking to find a rescue group to [More…]

Should We Turn Our Backs on Animals in the Wake of a Natural Disaster?

Sophie's Recovery

It’s amazing how, in the wake of a natural disaster, people have the knack of imposing their personal agenda on everyone else with the intention of appearing let’s call it more “humanitarian”. When in reality the actions of a true humanitarian would in truth call for kindness, benevolence and impartiality for all humans. Let’s [More…]

Join us for Adopt the Internet Day! Adopt the Internet Day

Join Recycled Dog and internet rescue animal search engine Petfinder on March 15th for Petfinder’s Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day. Simply feature an adoptable pet on your website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or email with the adoptable pet’s information from Petfinder.

Recycled Dog supports Petfinder’s effort to spread the word about [More…]

Shelters vs Rescues: What is the Difference?

Animal Shelter

We just received a call on the Colorado Animal Welfare League number from a student doing research for a project in her Government class. She was asking to speak to one of our volunteers who was in charge of euthanizing the animals. At first I was a bit taken aback by the request. Why [More…]