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Bailey was surrendered at nine weeks old. She was purchased from a breeder along with her brother. Our rescue received a call from our local PetSmart where the owner had called the trainer and asked if she had any contacts for rescues as the breeder would not take the puppy back. This is a [More…]

My Dog Angel

Hi! My name is Jan. On May 5, 2010, I adopted a two-year-old poodle/terrier mix from our local shelter, Animal Allies. I named her Angel. She came from another shelter as a stray, had been abused, was very skinny, and she was extremely shy and afraid of everyone. I fell in love with her immediately. [More…]


Mango adopted us – to put things in perspective.

Mango was found climbing a tree in central Nebraska trying to follow a squirrel. He made his way to Colorado through various rescuers and transports. At one point, he was adopted to another family but they returned him for behavioral reasons.

I found Mango at an [More…]

King Squishy

Meet “G” or as we call him more and more these days “King Squishy”.

I recently decided that it was time for a new dog in my life. I’d been dog-less for about a year after my divorce and really missed having a dog hanging around. I decided immediately that I didn’t want a [More…]

My Two "Recycled" Dogs

Within a one year period, my husband and I adopted two Great Dane mixes that have become our babies. These guys have had numerous homes that tryed to adopt them without giving them the chance to adapt to a new home. It took a few weeks for our adopted doggies to adapt and feel compfortable [More…]