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10 Surprising Facts About Dog Rescue

Perhaps this information is not common knowledge – we have a companion pet overpopulation crisis in the United States. If we didn’t we wouldn’t need shelters and rescues to find new homes for these poor, discarded creatures. Animals are dying by the thousands each month based on choices we are making. Here are [More…]

What Everyone Should Know About Fostering

For years I told myself that I wanted to volunteer at an animal shelter. I filled out volunteer applications. I spoke with volunteer coordinators. I offered up my time. But every time the opportunity arose, I chickened out.

Why? Because I am the consummate dog lover. Big, small, pretty, not-so-pretty. I don’t care. I [More…]

Why You Would Want to Adopt an Adult Dog: Your Questions Answered

Adopting an adult dog is a great way to find that perfect pet for your family as well as save yourself all the growing pains of rambunctious puppy-hood. While, granted, puppies in pet stores and breeder litters will be the first choice for many families choosing a dog, but this fact is also what [More…]

7 Key Steps to Adopting the Perfect Dog

A dog can be one of the most rewarding of pets, but also one of the most demanding. Selecting the right animal for you is an all-important aspect of the adoption process. One must consider a multitude of factors – ranging from living quarters to time commitments.

We all love to visualize a cute [More…]

Pick Me! Why A Shelter Dog Is Your Best Choice

Disney left a life-long impression on me when, as a youngster, I viewed the dog pound scene in Lady and the Tramp. Mournful mutts howled out a pitiful rendition of “Home Sweet Home,” which nobody but the most callous could sit through dry-eyed. The pound was portrayed as a cruel place manned by heartless [More…]